Lil Dipper - 11"

$1,400 With out Crucible... $1475 With Crucible Pot

Diameter 11" Deep; 2 elements..........175 lbs


With 15 lb  crucible at time of kiln purchase.........$1,475

This Furnace is intended for a 15lb straight wall pot

Inferno (1415CF)

$2,350 With Out Crucible... $2500 With Crucible Pot

This Furnace is designed for a 30lb straight wall crucible pot

Interior Dimensions: 14" ID x 15"Deep

Exterior Dimensions: 34"OD x 36"T             

Approx. Chamber Volume: 2.0 cf

Volts: 240                                                         

Amps: 27

Watts: 6480                                                     

Breaker Size 40-50amp

Power Cord: 50amp                                        

NEMA Plug: N/A

Max Temp: 2400*F                                        

Wall Thickness: 3" Fire Brick/ 3" Fiber Blanket     

Element Quantity: 3                                        

Approx. Ship Weight: 235


$2,650 With Out Crucible... $3000 With Crucible Pot

This furnace is designed for a 90lb straight wall pot

Interior Dimensions: 14"ID x 18"Deep

Exterior Dimensions: 34" OD x 39"Tall           

Approx. Chamber Volume: 2.25 cf

Volts: 240                                                             

Amps: 34

Watts: 8160                                                          

Breaker Size: 50Amp

Power Cord: 50amp molded dryer cord          

NEMA Plug: N/A

Max Temp: 2400                                                

Wall Thickness: 3"Fire Brick/ 3" Fiber Blanket

Element Quantity: 4                                             

Approx. Ship weight: 265lbs

Triple Dip-23"

$3,200 With Out Crucible... $3500 With Crucible Pot

Intended  for 30lb straight wall pots


With  3-30lb  crucibles at time of purchase.........$3,500

Triple Dip Micro-17"

$2,100 With Out Crucible... $2250 With Crucible Pot

Designed for 15lb straight wall pots


With 3-15lb  crucibles at time of purchase.........$2,250

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Borosilicate Furnaces